Caiapo – Ipomoea batatas

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CAIAPO is the Caiapo Indian who is the native living in Amazonis Brazil. Now, about 12,000 persons live in the reservations around the Xingu River which flows into the Amazon River. Environment of the Xingu National Park with the reservations is getting worse under the influence of destruction of nature in recent years,  the Caiapo Indian has also taken action on environmental protection activities on their own initiative.

Now, Caiapo ocarina (Ipomoea batatas) is a white sweet potato passed down for hundreds of years among caiapo Indians. Caiapo ocarina is herbaceous prennial belonging to the department of bellbind like a sweet potato, of which portion of a root is edible.

Potato has been one of the most important edible to the human being for the long time, and excellent in the balanced nutrition. Especially potato called ‘white’ has been supposed most effective for sick prevention and an effect-of-a-medicine action, since they have been like gold among them. As a result of research in recent years, caiapo ocarina, white potato, has become clear that it is effective in lowering the blood sugar level.

The origin of Caiapo ocarina (Ipomoea batatas) is the South American Continent similar to many potatoes. The history of potatoes went back more than 12,000 years when the earth was blessed with the warm light of the sun from a glacial epoch like the present environment.


Unlike the present geographical feature of the Bering Sea near the Arctic Ocean the land had not been divided. It is thought that people who lived in the Asian Continent moved aiming at the south direction, since there existed land continuation. They are considered as an Indian’s ancestor and therefore an Indian’s face and form resemble Asians.


They have advanced scientific knowledge and produce the Inca civilization ranking with Maya and Aztecs, which is one of the civilization many scholars observe among world civilizations. Environment of the Andes where the Incaic Empire was built was very severe in nature for human being.  The precious nutrients for making a living were sweet potatoes under such severe conditions. Among sweet potatoes ‘white potatoes’ is said to be an effect-of-a-medicine action which make blood clean, make people recover from sick and have them powerful when physical strength falls, besides edible. This is why ‘white potato’ has been inherited.


The cultivation method differs from other potatoes which being grown in the land different every year. Continuous cropping is not effective. That is because subterranean nourishment is all absorbed as it grows up and the land is farmed out. If a field will not be able to be taken break for at least five years or more, it is said that the inherent powers of land are not recovered. 

Potato contains potassium as much as 15 times of rice with sufficient balance of vitamin, mineral, dietary fiber and so on.  Potassium is contained in the caiapo ocarina also 4 times of a sweet potato.Potassium is a chemical element essential for all organisms, and if salt is taken in superfluously, potassium will delay metabolism, urge sodium to be discharged, and it will prepare the mineral balance of humors. In addition, broad ingredients, such as a vitamin B group, C and E, folic acid, niacin, and pantothenic acid, are included. 


As a result of research in recent years, the caiapo ocarina is also recognized as containing different characteristic active ingredient from other potatoes which lowers the blood sugar level. 


Yoshiko Miyazaki, medical doctor of assistant professor of Mukogawa Women’s University, is describing as follows in the book “The book to conquer diabetes from Caiapo Ocarina”.

【From “The book to conquer diabetes upon Caiapo Ocarina”】

Caiapo Ocarina is also recognized that the conspicuous characteristic active ingredient different from other potatoes is contained. The ingredient is the acid solubility sugar protein named CAF reported also at various kinds of societies, such as Japan Diabetes Society. It was thought that there was work which lowers the blood sugar level in this ingredient, and the effect over diabetes has been expected from early times.

It was admited to Caiapo Ocarina that there was work to which the blood sugar level of the man of a hyperglycemia state is reduced.

Moreover, it is important for a diabetic man to make the action of an insulin active at the same time it lowers the blood sugar level, but it turns out that Caiapo Ocarina also has the effect which raises work of the insulin itself. 

It has turned out that these effects are depended on work of CAF of the active ingredient contained near its skin.

In CAF, the sugar and protein of a high polymer which are called 10,000 to 20,000 in a molecular weight are a favorite substance which stood in a row intricately. 

The blood sugar level is stabilized without applying a burden to the body, the body is brought close to the state where it should be essentially, more safely, and the action led to an improvement is expected. 

Moreover, the low blood sugar which is the side effects of diabetic medicine is not accepted in Caiapo Ocarina. 

Furthermore, in the medication to a normal person, the fall of the blood sugar level was not accepted at all. This is the diabetic point which feels easy also as a corrosive protection article beforehand, which is referred to as being able to eat, and which should be noted extremely. 

The research on such Caiapo Ocarina and an analysis result are released by Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Japan Diabetes Society, and the Japanese Biochemical Society. 

The fruits of work supported by the thorough analysis and the data with which the examination was repeated have high reliability also from the doctors who are constantly in contact with the patient in the medical spot, and greatly attract attention. 

While the health food of a natural material has attracted attention, Caiapo Ocarina can be called health food of the outstanding natural material with which the scientific investigation to diabetes, research, ingredient data, etc. were substantial. 

About Caiapo Ocarina, it is an endowed institution in and outside the country, such as the Vienna university and the private comprehensive Institute of Medical Science, research is made about the effect, and data is announced. 

Various validity in connection with the diabetes improvement which Caiapo Ocarina has can be seen in those reports.



It is not necessary with change of eating habits or a lifestyle to say that the improvement of not only Japan but the diabetes which is increasing globally, and establishment of a cure are pressing need. 

It is just going to be known well that research is advanced from a viewpoint also with the various cures. 

Although the measure from the gene field has also started as the new medical treatment method, research has begun to start recently. The primary method is still medical supplies. 

However, the height of a risk of medical supplies causing side effects still remains while an effect is high, either. 

There is a danger of low blood sugar that a possibility of causing an impaired liver function, and blood sugar will fall too much unusually as a typical thing etc. 


Moreover, it is also a problem that the original effect of medical-supplies is no longer acquired by taking at a long period of time. 

Under the diabetes medical treatment which medical treatment protracts in many cases, it is important that there are no side effects or if any there are few side effects, and continuation of effect. 

It is proved Caiapo Ocarina by many domestic clinical tests that side effects worried about are hardly seen. 

Moreover, Professor Ludovic indicates that “The effect of delaying origin by recipe of Caiapo Ocarina is expectable to people with the gene which is easy to suffer from type2-diabetes” besides a curative medicine. It is medical treatment without side effects, and saying that great expectation can be performed also from the point of diabetic prevention. 

Caiapo Ocarina may be able to be called natural food which canceled most problems considered as medicine of prevention and improvement of diabetes now. 

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Many papers about Caiapo Ocarina came out. 

For your information, what has generally started readable is described below. 


“The book to conquer diabetes from Caiapo Ocarina” Yoshiko Miyazaki

Medical doctor of assistant professor of Mukogawa Women’s University

“Natural medicine – Caiapo Ocarina – beat diabetes” Yamaguchi Mutsuo

Former Osaka City University medical department lecturer

Yamaguchi clinic director and medical doctor